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"As for us, we only sell the BudBoxPRO White tent – you’ll still get an amazing reflection of light, and our own tests show the temperature in a white tent is 1–2C lower than in a silver tent of the same size. Combine this with BudBox™’s super strong structure, easy access ports and light tight canvas, you can’t go wrong."

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One Stop Grow Shop

"When the original range of BudBox™ grow tents entered the market back in 2004, it set the standard that all other tents are now judged against. Not content to rest on their laurels, the BudBox™ design team have updated the line, combining years of customer feedback with information gathered during an exhaustive program of testing and development to create the perfect portable indoor growing environment."

Grown Up Hydroponics

"We consider BudBox™ tents to be the best the market has to offer (We checked them all!). Upgraded in 2015, the BudBoxPRO range is thoughtfully designed, built from the finest materials, feature packed, affordable and made to last. Available with Silver or White internal coverings, with White being the professional / popular choice. The complete range has a tent for any occasion, wallet or location. Pop in to the shop to have a look.

  • Strong tempered steel frames finished in black powder-coat. Tents 1m and under use a 16mm frame and tents 1.2m and over use a 25mm frame.
  • Full metal corners.
  • Ball bearing locking corners and poles enable easy assembly whilst improving strength.
  • Large ventilation socks with double drawstring.
  • Tinted viewing window.
  • Side inspection doors for easy access. (on XL models and larger)
  • Ground level ports allow for Irrigation lines to be run. (on XL models and larger)
  • Strong door clips.
  • High quality zips

With a BudBox™ you can be sure of a convenient unit capable of delivering high-quality growing conditions."


"The all new BudBoxPRO has been given a number of upgrades putting it back to the top! The new tents include 16mm and 25mm steel poles, steel click lock corners, larger ventilation panels and irrigation bars on larger models. It also includes larger ventilation panels plus a unique green view window for checking on your plants without disrupting their dark cycle."


"Ultra high quality grow tents."

21st Century Garden

"With larger vents than any other grow room it represents the latest in a series of breakthroughs from BudBox™ aimed at providing you with the ideal environment for home cultivation. Purpose built, highest quality grow rooms available, designed to save time and money. Whether you're a professional gardener or setting up for the first time, the BudBox™ provides the perfect growing environment. Thanks to the BudBox™'s revolutionary flame retardant and lightproof reflective inner coating you can relax in comfort leaving your plants to do the hard work for you. The BudBox™ couldn't be simpler to set up."

Blooms Hydroponics

"The BudBox™ grow tent is a well manufactured, sturdy grow tent that allows you to build your perfect indoor grow room in no time at all. The BudBox™ is packed with useful features that allow you to use your preferred lighting, ventilation and hydroponics growing system."

Green Stream Hydroponics

"As with all the BudBox™ range they are strong, sturdy, light tight and are lined with a highly reflective Mylar lining."

London Grow

"Eye-catching features of the Titan2 BudBoxPRO Grow Tent include a really robust black powder-coated frame made from 25mm tempered rolled steel (it will comfortably support the largest size of reflector and extraction system), super strong metal corner pieces, a 100% lightproof external canvas, a highly reflective white interior surface (silver lining almost always reflects too much heat), a handy green viewing window (stops natural light from disturbing plants during quick observations), convenient ports and vents and tough door clips and zips."

Green Sea Hydroponics

"If you are looking for a 1.2 grow tent and you want the best there is, look no further because we think the BudBoxPRO XL grow tent is the best contender. As you can see from the image the BudBoxPRO XL grow tent looks awesome and that’s basically because it is. The new stronger design provides the ultimate enclosure that is lined with highly reflective white material, which is held up in place by an extremely strong frame, made up of 25mm poles that are finished in black and are a push and click assembly with metal corner connectors as well. The BudBoxPRO XL grow tent also incorporates many new features, like a new inspection door on the front which allows you to view your plants progress without having to undo and disturb them. There are also ground level irrigation holes for you to run pipes through if you have an external tank connected to a hydroponic system placed inside and BudBox™ have also increased the ventilation holes to accommodate acoustic ducting, so I think you’ll agree that the BudBoxPRO XL grow tent is certainly a design you don’t want to miss out on."


"The name BudBox™ has become synonymous with premium quality products and this large professional model is certainly no exception!"

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