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What is PAR Reflectivity?

BudBox Par ReflectivityPlants need PAR light to grow and flower. PAR is an acronym for Photosynthetic Active Radiation and plants love the blue and red light from 400 to 750nm. Blue light tends to help the plants grow strong leaves and stems and the red part helps with flowering. BudBoxPRO White models reflect far more PAR than any Mylar material and at the same time reduce troublesome hot spots (concentrated heat energy) and, as such, will always be the professional’s choice when it comes to horticulture.

Not only is our unique flat white material (gloss isn't as good) reflecting more PAR light directly to your plants, it reflects less of the overall unused spectrum. With light energy comes heat energy and the PRO White lining will always run cooler than a standard Mylar tent. The Mylar material will reflect more heat energy, therefore, will run hotter (around 6-8°C) as such, the these units require greater ventilation, or the use of less powerful lighting, so the environment does not overheat and damage your plants.

BudBox - PAR Test Results - 1.694 PAR

BudBox PAR Reflectivity

All tests were carried out independently by Photometric and Optical Testing Services, based in Cheltenham.

  • Tests were carried out on different samples of reflective material in order to ascertain which one reflected the most Photosynthetically Active Radiation - PAR
  • Each sample was illuminated with an illuminant A spotlight and a Radiant Vision Systems I8 photometric camera was used to take an image of the light intensity and distribution
  • A Jeti spectrometer was used to calibrate the source for PAR values
  • A 600mm spot size on each sample was used to measure the PAR value

Competitor PAR Results - 1.584 PAR

Competitor PAR

Independent proof that for better yields, you should only be using BudBox™ Grow Tents.

A sample from another popular grow tent manufacturer was also tested, alongside BudBox™ and it's lower PAR result is independent proof that BudBox™ manufactures it's grow tents with material offering class leading PAR. The better the PAR value, the greater the positive impact on your plants.

As you can see, our competitor's grow tent is just not as efficient with PAR as we are!


BudBox Canvas FeaturesThe inner skin of your BudBox™ grow tent is not just a simple piece of white or silver material, the nature of manufacturing such materials is highly skilled and, as such, there are only a small number of manufacturers in the world that can do it properly and to a consistent quality. Our philosophy on this subject is and will remain the cornerstone of our success and is not open to negotiation or compromise, WE USE THE BEST THERE IS ! All the component parts used in the construction of BudBox™ are sourced, tried & tested and are guaranteed safe for plants and people to use.

All PRO canvas's feature: UK No.1 Award

  • Green viewing window - observe your planst without disrupting their cycle.
  • Double cuff vents - to ensure a super snug fit around ducting.
  • Screened passive vents - allowing you to control air flow into and out of the tent and keep the bugs out.
  • Drip tray - no need to worry about little spillages. Comes in the same colour as your choice of interior - White or Mylar.
  • Super strong zips - beefy enough to handle constant use.
  • Lightproof - see Black Dog LED's video for proof!
  • Vents, ports and access doors on either side of the tent - allowing maximum options for routing and positioning.
  • Main door clips - when open, the doors are held open with proper clips.
  • From XL and upwards, all PRO models come with access doors, making it easy to tet to your plants everyday.
  • Complete unzipping - all our PRO canvas's completely unzip on all 3 sides to allow FULL access when setting up, cleaning and dismantling.
  • 20% oversize vents - allows for acoustic ducting to reduce noise.
  • Double stitched seams - super strong canvas to match the super strong frame!
  • Huge range of sizes including pitched roof models.
  • All PRO canvas's come in an extra strong carry bag.


BudBox - Strongest FramesThe BudBoxPRO range continues to be based around the growing area principal of 0.75m, 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m squared areas - our 75, 100, 120 and 150 series respectively. The PRO range has massively strong 25mm diameter, 1mm walled, tempered, high tensile, powder coated steel poles for all units from XL upwards, ensuring you have ALL the strength that you need in the big tents to hang heavy filters and lighting rigs. Our smallest 5 sizes of PRO have 16mm diameter poles, reflecting the lighter loads needed.

All PRO frames feature:

  • 25mm diameter, 1mm thick walled, tempered, high tensile, powder coated, steel poles (from XL up).
  • All metal corners with push/click connectors.
  • Uplift irrigation bar - for gravity fed nutrient systems.
  • Silicon end pads - for the roof support bars, to reduce acoustic vibration and protect your tent.
  • Roof support bars - two different depths for all your hanging kit.
  • Multiple hanging straps - to help you fix your gear to the roof support bars.
  • Totally clear floor space - no cross running poles to have to avoid tripping over.

BudBox™ is still the ONLY grow tent manufacturer that takes the time and care to powder coat our poles and connectors, delivering the best possible anti-corrosion protection and a very clean and reflective look.


With a HUGE range of 29 sizes in PRO, from 75x75x100cm to the MIGHTY Titan 6, at 600x300x220cm, you cxan be sure there is a size suitable for your space. From sizs XL and upwards, our 150, 120 and 100 series tents come in standard 200cm heights OR 220cm heights, known as our HL or HighLine models. We also offer 3 sizes in pitched roof style tents, ideal for loft and attic uses.


BudBox Access DoorsThe BudBoxPRO has multiple inspection hatches, which have been positioned to the rear & side elevations of the Titan range. These doors have been included to enable the most convenient access to the full tent, at all times, without having to unzip the whole side. You can reach right in to tidy up plants or move lights and inspect your crop like never before.

The Titan 1, and Titan+ models have 2 extra inspection hatches on the sides and the Titan 2's and Titan 3's have extra hatches on the sides and the back wall.


BudBox Vents and Ports With the advent of more powerful lighting combinations, ventilation is a real issue with some grow tents, as such, having studied every tent currently available very carefully, we have used this information to make sure that we have the right solution for you. BudBoxPRO inlet & exhaust ports are 20% oversized to enable the use of larger fans and, if required, the use of insulated ducting. The Titan range has 340mm vents.

Each vent and cable port is double-cuffed to prevent light spill both in and out. In addition our Titan range has 2 extra vents in the roof and the rear wall panel which gives you the option to vent from the front and/or rear, enabling you to position vent fans just where you want them!


BudBox ZipsAs is always with BudBox™ all our tents unzip at the top and bottom, right around 3 sides, giving you unparalleled access to the plants as well as making assembly easy. The BudBoxPRO comes with the addition of extra door flaps in the sides and rear of the Titans, so you now have every entry option you need covered.

The easy grip branded zip puller makes opening and closing the tent easy, even with wet fingers.


BudBox - Since 2004 BudBox™, since 2004, the original grow tent manufacturer, there from the very start of the grow tent concept, over 17 years ago. Always innovating, always leading, always quality. Not all grow tents are the same. BudBox™ is proud to continue to lead the world in developing the very best grow tents.

Environment is everything.


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