29 sizes of BudBox™ Grow Tent available, in Pro White or Mylar

Watch this fantastic video below from lighting experts Black Dog LED and see how a BudBox™ PRO white interior can reflect up to 106% MORE PAR reflectivity!


BudBox & Black Dog LED Video - October 2019

BudBox & Black Dog LED Podcast June 2019

BudBox & Black Dog LED Podcast - June 2019

Listen to why these lighting experts are now choosing the BudBox PRO white interior over ALL other grow tents.

Our unique PRO white interior is available in ALL our award winning PRO models.

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BudBox Titan Grow Tent

BudBox™ Grow Tents

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BudBox™ Grow Tents ...

Since its inception, over 15 years ago! BudBox™ has been, and remains, the most trusted name in the indoor grow tent market. We were here right from the start and we remain at the very forefront, continuing to manufacture & supply high quality, tried, tested & trusted grow tents to both the professional & hobbyist grower.

As concept developers, we have, throughout the last 15 years, continued to upgrade, improve and re-style BudBox™ Grow Tents in line with the feedback we receive from our customers and in line with our own philosophy to constantly strive for perfection. Our BudBox™ Pro Grow Tent range combines & amalgamates all the very best ideas, concepts & raw materials into one fantastic, strong light proof growing environment.

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As well as increasing the size and number of all ventilation ports we have added ground level irrigation ports on the left and right hand side panels.

The BudBox™ Pro grow tent has a strong tempered 16mm diameter pole in our 75 and 100 range, and a 25mm diameter tempered high tensile steel pole for all units ranging from from XL (1.2) up to the massive Titans, ensuring you have all the strength that you need in the big tents to hang heavy filters and lighting rigs.

The whole BudBox™ Pro Grow Tent range is now equipped with steel, push & click fit connectors, which, in addition to the thicker tempered steel poles, provide greater load bearing strength for all your filters, fans and lighting requirements.

BudBox™ is still the ONLY grow tent that takes the time and care to powder coat our poles and connectors, delivering the best possible anti-corrosion protection and a very clean and reflective look.

Our philosophy at BudBox™ is and will remain the cornerstone of our success and is not open to negotiation or compromise, WE USE THE BEST THERE IS ! All the component parts used in the construction of BudBox™ Grow Tents are sourced, tried & tested and are guaranteed safe for plants and people to use.

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BudBox™ Grow Tents

BudBox Titan Grow Tent

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BudBox™ PAR Test Results

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BudBox™ PAR Testing Results

What is PAR?

PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation and is the acceptable wavelength range for photosynthesis to occur. For photosynthesis plants need specific wavelengths of the light spectrum, between 400nm and 700nm. BudBox™ have commissioned an independent specialist to measure the ability of their grow tents to reflect PAR. The better the ability to do this, the more PAR the plants receive and the better the photosynthesis stage of the plants life.

Using the skills of Photometric and Optical Testing Services, based in Cheltenham, BudBox™ Grow Tents received a very high result of PAR reflection of 1.694 micromoles per square meter from the Pro White range of grow tents. This was higher than the PAR rating for another popular brand of grow tents and demonstrates the attention to quality that BudBox™ has built it's reputation on.

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